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How to Recover My Contacts on My Blackberry


Blackberry devices have become so popular in big part because of messaging capabilities. Email, text messages and phone calls are all tasks that Blackberry devices handle with ease and convenience.

All of these tasks are very dependent on the contacts list, so this file usually becomes critical. If you have lost your contacts on your Blackberry, there is a way to restore it.

Connect your Blackberry to the computer on which you have the BlackBerry Desktop Manager installed. Launch the Desktop Manager software. Select “Backup and Restore,” then click on “Restore.”

Locate the backup file with your contact data. This file will be in the default location unless you have previously changed it. For Windows XP this is C:Documents and SettingsMy Documents and for Windows Vista it is C:UsersDocuments

Double-click on the file, which will have a (.ipd) file extension. Synchronize your Blackberry device with the Desktop Manager, which will restore your contacts.