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How to Block Calls on a BlackBerry Curve


Blocking the calls on your BlackBerry Curve may sound counterintuitive. The reason you own a smartphone is that you want to make connections to others in as many ways as possible. However, there are some instances where blocking the calls that come into or leave your handset are beneficial to you. For example, if you are traveling out of the country your mobile provider may allow you to make and receive calls or texts but charge you high fees. To avoid this, you could block all calls to and from your handset but still have access to the information on your handset, such as your phone book or picture files.

Press the red “End Call” button on your BlackBerry Curve until the screen lights up. Press the BlackBerry menu key to access the applications page.

Click “Manage Connections” from the list of BlackBerry applications. Highlight “Mobile Network” with the BlackBerry trackball.