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How to Back Up My Phone Contacts


Losing or switching a cell phone can be a hassle, and one major inconvenience is the loss of contacts accumulated in the phone’s address book over the years. Several companies offer free services for cell phone backup. You can take advantage of one of these services while they are still free. Such services include Mobyko or Godswmobile. As an example, we’ll refer to services offered by a company called Clickova.

Things You’ll Need : E-mail address

Click the “Sign Up” button on the Clickova.com home page.

Fill out the form. You will be asked your cell phone number, your name and an e-mail address. The form will also give you a chance to verify that your type of phone is supported. The software is compatible with hundreds of phones, but if it is not compatible with yours, you should try using software by one of the other companies.