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How to Share Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus Wi-Fi connection


Whenever talking about sharing a Wi-Fi connection, Android users think of the popular Wi-Fi tethering option. Many smartphones feature it and so does the Samsung Galaxy S8. Its purpose was just that, from the very beginning – to allow you to share the mobile data connection of your smartphone with another device that can connect to your phones via Wi-Fi.

One of the boundaries that Samsung pushes with its latest flagship, the Galaxy S8 device, regards the internet connection sharing. In case you were thinking it cannot get better than tethering, Samsung introduced the so-called Wi-Fi repeater/extender.

The name says pretty much anything and confirms that your new smartphone can take Wi-Fi signal from an area, use it to give you internet access and, at the same time, use it to give wireless internet access to another device connected to the phone.

This isn’t about sharing a mobile data connection, but about a Wi-Fi connection that your Samsung Galaxy S8 can easily establish and the other device connected to it cannot. When would this be possible? For instance, when your smartphone has previously connected to that network and managed to save the username and password for automatic connection, but you no longer know these details so you can’t use them with the other device.