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How To Troubleshoot A 50 Inch Samsung LCD TV


Learning how to troubleshoot a 50 inch Samsung LCD TV can make your life a whole lot easier. There are some very common issues with LCD TVs that most manufacturers, including Samsung, have found a way for TV owners to troubleshoot themselves. However, some issues with your Samsung LCD TV will need you to make an additional purchase to effectively troubleshoot.

Go to the “Picture” menu of your 50 Inch Samsung LCD TV if flesh tones are distorted or unnatural looking. From there, choose the “Natural” mode for the picture setting. This will correct unnatural flesh tones on your Samsung LCD TV. Adjust the sharpness level of the images on your 50 Inch Samsung LCD TV if you see outlines around the images on the screen. You can adjust the sharpness level from the “Picture” menu of a Samsung LCD TV. Continue to adjust and watch the images closely. Once the outlines can no longer be seen, exit the menu.

Hook up an in-line amplifier if the pixels on your 50 Inch Samsung LCD TV break up suddenly. This problem can be especially noticeable on larger sets of 50 inch screens or above. The inline amplifier will boost your HD signal and get rid of this problem. Hook up an outboard digital noise processor to your 50 Inch Samsung LCD TV. Sometimes, with television sets of this size, the picture can look distorted, particularly during times of fast movement. Technology should eventually correct this problem, but for now, a noise processor will help.

LCD TVs are a very popular choice nowadays. They offer a supreme picture quality and are a relatively affordable option. As technology improves, many of these common issues will no longer be a problem for you, but until then, keep troubleshooting your 50 inch Samsung LCD TV to get the superior picture quality that you want in a TV.