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How to Fix Incorrect Location Settings on Life360


As one of the most popular location-sharing platforms, Life360 has come a long way since its 2008 inception. It now provides millions of families with their loved ones’ whereabouts. In this respect, GPS location plays a vital role within this app.

Unlike other apps, when Life360 starts acting up in terms of location, it can be a deal-breaker. The primary point of Life360 is keeping you updated with other people’s whereabouts. Before resorting to uninstalling Life360 from your device, here are a few things that you can do to try and resolve this issue.

Make Sure That GPS Is Turned On

This seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be amazed at how often people forget about the most obvious things. Life360 is an app that’s all about location – it relies on GPS or Global Positioning System to pinpoint a device’s exact whereabouts. Every modern smartphone is equipped with GPS technology. However, although the app itself will have access to your phone’s GPS (after you confirm it, of course), it won’t be able to turn it on or off as it pleases.