Home Phone Repair Can’t Hear Calls On Samsung Galaxy S9 And S9+ (SOLUTION)

Can’t Hear Calls On Samsung Galaxy S9 And S9+ (SOLUTION)


Although cellphone communications have advanced in the past decade; the use of calling is still important to most users. For anyone with a Galaxy S9 or S9+ there are a few ways to determine and fix your earpiece issues. The Galaxy earpiece is located at the top of your device’s screen, this is the piece of hardware on your phone that allows you to hear a caller on the other end.

Assuming the caller is able to hear you, but you aren’t able to hear them, there’s an issue with your earpiece. In this article, we’ll discuss a few troubleshooting tips and solutions for correcting the issue.

Troubleshooting is an important and simple step to diagnosing your phone’s issues. Trying a few simple things will help you to find the right solution for your phone.

Galaxy S9 Or Galaxy S9+ Troubleshooting

It’s important to identify the reason you’re unable to hear the caller, this helps you to narrow down the solution. A few things to think about when it comes to troubleshooting for call quality are: