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How To Remove Page Breaks in Microsoft Word


Microsoft Word is the venerable yet still incredibly powerful word processing software that is more or less the standard for Windows document creation. One of the features of Microsoft Word is “page breaks”, instructions within a document that tell a printer or a PDF conversion that the document should start a new page at a particular point. Whenever the printer encounters a page break, it will print a new page. MS Word documents can include both automatic and manual page breaks. Sometimes a document can accumulate a large number of unnecessary page breaks, often as a result of converting a document from another format. In this article, I will show you several ways in which you can remove page breaks in Microsoft Word.

Manually Delete Page Breaks

The simplest way, and the way that most Word users most frequently employ, to eliminate page breaks is just to manually delete them. You can put the cursor on a page break directly and use the Del key on the keyboard, or select an area of the document containing one or more page breaks and use the Del key, or right-click on the document and select Cut.