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Flat Mobile Home Roof Repair


Water is the most damaging force on earth and your roof is the first shield of defense against it. Proper maintenance can help a lot, but even the most well-maintained roofs will eventually begin leaking. Nothing lasts forever!

Mobile homes, especially older models, have a different type of roof structure. Knowing the types of roofing, and how to best repair leaks, can save a lot of money and frustration. we’ll go over the three main types of roofing and finish

3 Types of Roof

Mobile and manufactured homes roofs have been built with 3 basic shapes through the years. Mobile homes (which are built before June 1976) typically have flat, or bowstring trusses, that are covered with metal or asphalt.

Newer manufactured homes will have standard trusses, these are also called a peaked or pitched roof, and are covered with shingles. Double wide roofs use half trusses that become a single standard truss once setup.

Coating Metal Roofs

If your roof is bowstring or flat, it may have came with a metal roof. You are supposed to coat these roofs every couple of years or so, based on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

There are misunderstandings about sealing a mobile home roof. Most people think sealing the roof will repair leaks, but that’s not really the case.

Sealing a metal roof helps do two things: provide a reflective surface so the sun’s rays are reflected and preventing the metal from rusting. While it will help seal small leaks, it’s won’t last because it’s not made for repairing leaks.

Before sealing, you will need to prepare the roof properly. You can’t just go up there and throw seal on it! The surface has to be clean and scrapped smooth. Previous coats on seams and vents need to be removed with a grinder or steel brush. You want the new coating to bond well.