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How to Repair or Replace a Mobile Home Bathtub Faucet


As a space-saving measure, the bathtub faucets in mobile homes and large RVs often use a single-body design in which the tub spout and hot- and cold-water handles are incorporated into a single unit. Mobile home tub faucets can be mounted either on the wall or to the side of the tub, as is often seen in older mobile homes. These tub faucets often have a diverter that can be pulled up to block the water in the spout and force it up into the shower head, which connects to the faucet via a separate pipe behind the wall.

Mobile home tub faucets come in many types, but replacing one is fairly easy if you buy a new one that matches the hole configuration that is already present. There are tub faucets for holes 4″ on-center or 8″ on-center–the measurement from the center of the hot water pipe to the center of the cold water pipe. Also, the point where the tub spout extends can be offset, or it can be in line with the hot and cold water supply pipes. Repairing a leak in a mobile home tub faucet is almost identical to repairing a leak in a normal two- or three-handle tub valve.

  • Shut off the water before you begin. You will then need to get a good look at the valve stem to see what type of seats and washers or cartridge it uses.
  • To remove the handle, pry off the small cover that hides the handle screw, using a thin screwdriver something similar tool.
  • Use a screwdriver (usually a Phillip’s head) to take off the handle. Handle pullers may be required, if the handle will not come off with a little wiggling.
  • Remove the locking nut that holds the stem in, using a channel-type pliers. If there is no nut, then simply unscrew the stem from the faucet.
  • With the stem out, take this into your local hardware or home improvement store to get replacement parts. The parts you buy will vary, depending on the style of faucet. It may be replacement washers or valve seats, or an entire cartridge. Your clerk at the store will be able to advise you. If this part proves too difficult to find, you may have to go to an RV supply store or order one online if you can find the name of the manufacturer.
  • Install the new parts. Put the new cartridge or seats and washers in the same manner as the old ones. Reinstall the locking nut and handle. Turn the water back on and test the valve.