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What Is the TTY Mode on the BlackBerry?


The Teletypewriter, or TTY, mode contained on many BlackBerry devices is intended to permit deaf or hard-of-hearing users to enjoy the phone’s voice benefits. Conversations using the phone’s TTY feature are typed, rather than spoken, and require both parties’ phones to be equipped with TTY mode. To enjoy the benefits of a BlackBerry device’s TTY feature, your wireless service provider must also support the service.


With a BlackBerry phone that’s equipped with TTY functionality, you can make and receive calls from a phone that does not feature TTY by connecting to a Telecommunications Relay Service, which requires mediation by a TRS operator. An increasing amount of businesses and government entities are integrating TTY technology into their operations to provide better communication with employees and customers who are deaf or hard of hearing. Organizations that offer TTY communication services provide phone numbers that are immediately followed by TTY or V/TTY.