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How Can I Move Around on My BlackBerry Curve If My Scroll Key Is Damaged?


The BlackBerry Curve smartphone has a trackball or trackpad, depending on the model, located just above the keyboard. This peripheral is the main interface that you use to navigate through the smartphone’s menus but it isn’t the only way to get around the device. If your trackball or trackpad becomes damaged, you can still use certain hotkeys to launch whatever app you need. Before you can use the hotkeys, however, you must disable the feature that lets you dial a phone number from the home screen because the dialing feature will override the use of the keys for navigation.

Remove the Dial From Home Screen Option

Press the green “Talk” button to bring up the “Phone” screen on your BlackBerry Curve.

Press the “Menu” button, located directly to the right of the “Talk” button, to launch the pop-up menu. Press the letter “o” to jump to the “Options” item and then press the “Enter” key on the keyboard to select that item. Press “Enter” again to select “General Options.”