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How to Update Service Books on a BlackBerry


BlackBerry users may experience service interruptions, particularly after a software update. Issues can include an inability to send or receive BlackBerry or personal email, EDGE network not enabled and no Wi-Fi connectivity. Often, these issues can be resolved by resetting or resending the BlackBerry’s service books. When a user calls customer support for a service book resend, the support agent will instruct the user to perform three steps: first, a hard reboot to the device; second, re-register the host routing table, and third, request a resend of the service books from the BlackBerry Internet Server or your cellular service carrier. If the first option does not correct the issue, try the second and then the third, if necessary.

Perform a Hard Reboot on the BlackBerry

Power off the BlackBerry by pressing and holding the “End Call” button.
Unlatch the back of the device and remove the battery. Allow the battery to remain out of the device for at least 30 seconds.