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How to Reset a BlackBerry 9550


Resetting an electronic device usually comes as a last resort to solve a technical issue. After owning your BlackBerry Storm 9550 long enough, you are bound to run into some type of error. If your screen freezes or the device stops functioning properly and will not turn off, try resetting it. Research in Motion, the Storm’s developer, included two ways to restart the Storm; using the power button or removing the battery. If the former does not work, the latter always will.

Hold down the power button, situated on the top of your device, until the Storm turns off. Hold the power button again to turn it back on to complete the reset.

Slide off the rear battery cover if holding down the power button did not turn off the device.
Pull the battery out of the 9550. This powers down the phone.

Reinstall the battery.
Hold the power button to turn the 9550 back on to complete the reset.