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How to Change Your BBM Name


BlackBerry Messenger, also known as BBM, is an instant messaging app specific to the BlackBerry smartphone device. BBM is set up like a chat room and enables you to chat with your BlackBerry contacts that also use BBM. It also allows you to create BBM specific user names, display your pictures, share your location, the music you listen to and create groups with which to chat. If you’d like to change a feature like your BBM user name, the process is relatively quick.

Things You’ll Need : BlackBerry smartphone, BBM app

Open up your BlackBerry Messenger application. You’ll see the screen displays your current BBM name and your conversation log. Click your BlackBerry trackball or pad and select “Edit My Info,” which is the fifth option. The screen that opens up allows access to edit display name, status and PIN. “Display Name” will be the first field available to edit. Change your BBM name. Edit any other information that needs to be changed. Scroll down to “Save” and save the edited information. You’ll be navigated back to the BBM home page and your new name should be displayed to the upper left of your screen.