Home Phone Repair How do I Back-Slash on a BlackBerry?

How do I Back-Slash on a BlackBerry?


The BlackBerry keyboard has certain symbols that you can see on the keyboard. That means you will be able to create that symbol by pressing the corresponding key on the keypad. But what if you need a symbol that is not visible on the keyboard? There are more symbols that cannot all fit on the keyboard. However, BlackBerry does have a way to access lesser used symbols, such as the backslash.

Open a new, or draft, message or other document.
Place the cursor in the spot where you want to insert the backslash by using the trackball.

Press the “Sym” button on the keypad to the right of the “Space” bar. A menu with additional symbols will pop up.
Scroll to and select the backslash or press the key that appears under the backslash to insert it.