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How to Import a CSV File to a BlackBerry


Importing contacts from your Microsoft Outlook account into your BlackBerry device requires the help of a Blackberry Desktop Manager. The Desktop Manager acts as a liaison that converts and separates the various fields so that they can be read by the BlackBerry device. When contacts transfer from or to Microsoft Outlook, the contacts save in a .CSV file, which stands for Comma-Separated Values. This type of file makes separation of database items easier to convert into a text format. A comma in the text format separates data in each database cell. This type of file is widely used because it makes it easier to convert data from Excel or database format to any other format.

Things You’ll Need : Microsoft Outlook, BlackBerry Desktop Manager, BlackBerry USB cable

Use the BlackBerry Internet Service Website

Importing a .CSV file to a BlackBerry requires you to first export the file from an address book program such as Microsoft Outlook. To export contacts open Outlook, navigate to “File” and choose “Options”. Select “Advanced,” choose “Export” then select “Export to a file”. Choose “Comma Separated Values” as the extension type and go to the next screen.