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How to Capture BlackBerry Screens


Taking screenshots of your computer screen can be useful when you want to show another person what a particular program or document looks like when it opens on the screen. On computers, the ability to capture a screen as a screenshot comes built-in. On a BlackBerry, however, this functionality must be added. If you would like to be able to capture BlackBerry screens and create screenshots, you can do so using any of three free programs.

Things You’ll Need : BlackBerry cord

Capture It

Install the BlackBerry desktop software if you do not already have it installed on your computer. The software can be downloaded from the BlackBerry website if you do not have the installation disc.

Download Capture It from the BlackBerry download website. Go to the folder where the file downloaded, usually the “Downloads” folder on a Windows system or desktop on a Mac, right-click and choose “Extract” to make sure the file is unzipped.