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How to Sync Your BlackBerry to Your Laptop


BlackBerry devices can be synchronized with your laptop with the use of Desktop Manager. Desktop Manager is an application that is produced by Research in Motion Ltd., the makers of BlackBerry, to enable users to sync everything from emails to media. Users also can back up and restore their devices with Desktop Manager. With just a few clicks, you can set up your device to sync with your laptop. You can even set up your device to sync automatically with your laptop every time you connect it.

Things You’ll Need : BlackBerry Desktop Manager

Syncing Applications

Download and install Desktop Manager with Media Manager. You can download Desktop Manager from the disc you received with your BlackBerry or from the BlackBerry website (see Resources). Follow the prompts during the installation wizard to properly install the application on your laptop.

Connect your BlackBerry to your laptop. Using the USB cable you received with your BlackBerry, connect it to an open USB port. If your device is properly connected, the PIN number will appear next to “Device Connected” in the lower left-hand corner of the Desktop Manager screen.