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How to Activate Text Message Forwarding on iPhone X


Text Message Forwarding feature is one of the best features that can be found on your iPhone X .Text Message Forwarding enables you to mirror text messages sent to your iPhone X in the Messages app on the Mac or iPad. It’s very essential to note that Text Message Forwarding requires you to use the same Apple ID on both devices for Text Message Forwarding to work properly, FaceTime must be signed in with your Apple ID.

In order to use Text Message Forwarding on the Mac or iPad, you need to add a valid email address to iMessage and use FaceTime with your Apple ID/iCloud, the following will help for those who can’t activate iPhone X Text Message Forwarding.

Use Text Message Forwarding

Use your Apple ID from Messages. Sign in with your relevant credentials. You can do it with iMessage or the email connected to your account. Choose the email address. Input the code into your Mac or iPad in order to keep it connected. Thankfully, Bluetooth or WiFi is not necessary for these features. Feel free to connect for added functionality.