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How to Check Serial Number on iPhone X


IMEI gives your iPhone X a specific, distinct identity, akin to a fingerprint. The IMEI can identify the specific model and location of the corresponding smartphone. It’s very similar to the purposes of a serial number. It can be wise to be aware of what and how to use your IMEI number, especially since every piece of technology that we encounter has their own respective IMEI number. We advise that you write the number down, just in case you made to identify your device

The IMEI or International Mobile Station Equipment Identity is a distinct number for each and every smartphone. Networks use this number to verify the products that are associated with both software and hardware providers.

Access IMEI via iOS: Turn your device on and simply navigate to your phone’s settings. The IMEI should be found under “Device Information”

Packaging: If you happen to have your box still, the IMEI will be clearly printed on your device’s packaging.

Show IMEI via service code: Tap *#06# within your device’s phone functionality. This should pull up your IMEI quickly.