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How to Reset Lexmark Chips


Printer manufacturers including Lexmark use microchips in their ink cartridges to prevent the installation of third-party aftermarket cartridges and to prevent refilling spent cartridges. Lexmark produces a large selection of inkjet and laser printers ranging in quality from low- to high-end. You can reset Lexmark chips via the printers’ diagnostic and configuration menus.

LaserPrinter 2 Series, 10R/10 Plus, 16 Series, Optra R & L

1. Press the “Power” button on the printer to power it off.

2. Press and hold the “Return” and “Ready” buttons simultaneously. Press the “Power” button while pressing “Return and Ready” until “Performing Self Test” appears on the display.

3. Highlight “Maintenance Count” on the display by navigating with the up and down arrows on the control panel. Press “Select.”

4. Highlight “Reset” on the display and press “Select.”

5. Press the “Return” button on the control panel. Highlight “Reset Printer” and press the “Select” button.