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How to Clean a LaserJet Transfer Roller


You may print hundreds or even thousands of pages on your HP LaserJet printer between cartridge changes, so it’s prudent to clean the unit whenever you change the toner cartridge to keep used toner from building up and clogging the print mechanism. The transfer roller is one of the most important components inside the printer, as it charges the toner in the drum before it transfers to the paper. Consequently, occasionally cleaning the transfer roller can keep your printed documents clean and streak-free.

HP P1560/P1600 Series LaserJet

1. Power off the P1560/P1600 Series LaserJet printer and disconnect it from the computer.

2. Open the top cover on the printer to access the toner cartridge. Grasp the toner cartridge on either side with your hands, and then lift it straight up to remove it from the printer.

3. Use tweezers or needle-nosed pliers to grip the thin metal rod on the transfer roller just to the right of the blue plastic gear.

4. Lift up on the left side of the transfer roller with the tweezers or pliers until you can grasp the blue dial with your fingers. Lift the transfer roller out of its slot completely with your hand.

5. Wipe the surface of the transfer roller gently, but thoroughly, with a dry lint-free cloth while holding the plastic gear with your fingers.

6. Align the metal rod on the right side of the transfer roller with its slot inside the LaserJet printer. Insert the rod into the slot, and then gently lower the left side of the roller into the slot. After aligning the left side of the transfer roller, push down gently on the plastic gear until it is secure in the slot.