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How Many Pictures Will a 16MB SD Card Hold?


Depending on the megapixels of a digital image, a single picture could be too large to store on your 16MB SD card. Although a 16MB SD card does not provide the ideal storage capacity for a large amount of pictures, the amount that can be stored will vary depending on your camera and its settings.


A 16MB SD card will only be able to hold approximately 13 4MP JPEG images. The detail and size of pictures taken with digital cameras is dependent on the megapixels of the image. Each MP represents one million pixels, with a pixel being the smallest component that makes up a digital image. Check with your camera’s manufacturer or the device’s documentation for the MP. With SD cards available in much larger versions, a 16GB card, for example, can hold approximately 11,444 4MP JPEG images. Approximately two 16MP JPEG photos can be stored on a 16MB SD card.