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How to Use a 50mm Lens


50mm lenses are often the first non-kit lens purchase of many photographers. It is called a “prime” lens, which describes a lens that cannot zoom in or out. While this may seem like a big disadvantage, prime lenses are sharper and have much shallower depth of field than a zoom lens. “Depth of field” is the amount of blur in the background and foreground of a photo. So, while you will have to physically move the camera to get closer, the images it produces will be much higher quality. The trick with a 50mm lens is making sure the focus is exact.

Things You’ll Need : 50mm lens, Compatible camera


  • Attach the lens to your camera and remove the lens cap.
  • Open the aperture up as much as possible. The aperture, also known as the “shutter,” is the small adjustable opening that lets light enter the camera. The wider the aperture is the greater the depth of field will be. The exact steps to this depends on your camera. Typically, the widest most 50mm lenses go is between f/1.8 and f/1.4.