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How Fluorescent Lens Filters Work


Camera lens filters are lenses used in photo or video shoots. The lens filters vary in color, shapes, sizes and purpose. A fluorescent lens filter is a type of camera lens filter designed for daylight or fluorescent lamps.

Balance Light

Fluorescent lens filters improve picture quality by correcting the green or blue cast created from daylight or fluorescent lamps and increasing color saturation.


There are three main types of fluorescent lens filters: FL-W, FL-D and FL-B. FL-W filters correct casts from warm-white or white-type fluorescent bulbs. FL-D filters correct casts from daylight fluorescent bulbs. FL-B filters correct color balance in tungsten films. FL-B can also be used to correct green casts from warm-white or white fluorescent bulbs.

Protective Cover

A fluorescent lens filter also serves an alternative purpose. The lens filter can be kept on the camera to protect the camera lenses from dust and scratches while the camera is not in use.