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How to Repair a Camera Lens


Camera lenses are an integral component of your camera. Before any image is recorded on the film or digital sensor, it must pass through the lens. Whether you have a point and shoot or single lens reflex model, your pictures are not going to turn out if your lens is not working. There is not a lot you can do yourself to repair point and shoot camera lenses. Other than cleaning the front glass element and inspecting for debris, lenses should be serviced by a technician. If you have an SLR, you may be able to fix your lens.
Things You’ll Need : Cotton swabs, Rubbing Alcohol, Microfiber lens cloth, Small needle


  • Press the lens locking button, rotate the lens and remove the lens from your single lens reflex camera. If you are using a digital SLR, place a body cap on the camera to prevent dust from entering it.