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Not Snapping to Grid in Maya


Maya’s grid-snapping feature helps you keep objects interchangeable when working on a large project with other designers, such as a game or film. In 3-D modeling and programming, objects can exist in different types of space. Object space refers to the 3-D coordinates relative to an object’s position; world space refers to the coordinates throughout an entire project; and eye space refers to the coordinates you perceive when a 3-D world is rendered as a 2-D image. Maya’s Move tool only snaps to the grid in world space.

Move Tool Options

Since you can’t edit a 3-D model in eye space, Maya only supports moving models through object and world space. The Move tool also works in local space, the coordinates relative to a parent object, and normal mode, a feature designed for working with surface normals. To change the Move tool’s space setting, double-click the tool in the toolbar and select “World Space” from the pop-up window.