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How to Connect a Canon Lens to a Nikon Body


Switching from one brand of single-lens reflex camera to another can pose concerns for professional photographers and amateurs alike. If, for example, you have a lot of equipment already for the Canon system, including several good lenses you like, upgrading to Nikon can make you start all over acquiring equipment. While this generally can be fun, it also can be costly. It does not have to be, however, because you can use those old lenses with the new body.

Things You’ll Need : Canon-to-Nikon lens adapter


  • Purchase an adapter that mounts Canon lenses to Nikon camera bodies. Many of these exist on the market and as of 2010 they often cost less than $20. To save time during photo shoots, buy one adapter for each lens. For much older Canon lenses on newer Nikon bodies, you will need an adapter that has a correction lens in it to compensate for the distance from the back end of the lens to the shutter curtain or charge-coupled device (CCD) sensor in a digital camera.