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How to Convert Minolta Camera Lens to Canon


Moving from film to digital is a challenge, but even worse is the cost of abandoning a collection of lenses that won’t make the move. In general, it’s impossible to make older lenses fit a newer camera, but fortunately, there is a way to move Minolta film lenses to a Canon digital body.

Things You’ll Need : Machine shop, Jeweler’s screwdriver set, Minolta MD lens, Older-model Canon digital SLR such as the Digital Rebel 300d


  • Understand the optical register. The major difficulty in adapting the lenses is the optical register, which is a technical term for the distance between the “film” and the lens mount. In an older Minolta camera, this distance is 43.5 mm, while in a newer Canon, the distance from digital sensor to lens is 44 mm. That half-millimeter is critical to proper focusing of the lens.