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Word Does Not Recognize All Available Fonts


Microsoft Word utilizes TrueType fonts to display characters on your screen. TrueType fonts include both the screen and printer versions of the font in one file. This makes the font files easy to manage and install. If Microsoft Word does not recognize all of your available fonts, you may need to install the font and restart Word.

Installing Fonts

Just because a font file is on your computer does not mean that it is installed. To install a font, you must put it in the Windows font folder. You can view the fonts folder by searching for “fonts” in the Windows 8 search function. The Font Control Panel should appear in the search results. Open this and then drag and drop your desired fonts into the folder. Alternatively, when you double-click on a font file, it should open in a preview window. This preview window should have an “Install” button that you can click to send the font to the font folder.