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How to Put Music on My HTC Android


You can put music stored on your computer on your HTC Android smartphone. The HTC line of Android phones features a media player that plays several music files including MP3s, WAVs and MIDIs. By using your phone as a removable device, you can transfer music directly to its microSD card. While you are transferring music to your phone, you cannot access your media files directly on your phone.

Things You’ll Need : USB cable

Connect your HTC Android phone to a computer with a USB cable. A cable is included with the phone’s packaging.

Tap “Disk Drive” on the phone’s screen when prompted. Tap “Done.” Click “Start” and open the “Computer” folder.

Double-click the Android’s icon to open a folder for it. Open the “Music” folder to view the music files currently saved on the phone’s microSD card.

Open the folder containing the music you want to put on your Android. Drag the music from the computer’s folder to the Android’s open folder. Drop the music in the folder to copy it to the phone’s microSD card. Drag and drop the remaining music files. Disconnect the Android phone when finished.