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How to Download a Camcorder to a Computer


If you want to edit your video after recording it with a camcorder you need to download the video content to a computer. Although there are a wide range of camcorders available on the market, you can download the content of all the cameras to your computer in roughly the same way. With a video editing program and a few extra cables, you can download the contents of your camera to a computer in no time.
Things You’ll Need : Video camcorder, Computer, Video editing software, USB or FireWire cable


  • Connect the video camcorder to a computer. Plug either the USB or FireWire cable into the specified ports on the camera. Although most digital video camcorders have a FireWire port, not all computers do. Check your computer for a port that looks similar to a USB port, except one side is rounded and a “Y”-looking symbol is next to the port. You want to use FireWire if possible because it provides a faster data transfer speed.