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How to Change the Theme for HTC HD2 Phones


The HTC HD2 is a smartphone running on the Windows Mobile Professional 6.5 operating system. The model released in March 2010 for T-Mobile is still available as of August 2011. The HTC HD2 smartphone displays a theme on its home screen. To change the theme, you need to change the wallpaper. You have three options for choosing a new wallpaper: static images preloaded on the phone, pictures you have taken with or transferred to the phone, or animated wallpaper that comes with the phone. You can change your theme using the device’s menus.

Press the “Home” button on the bottom of the HTC HD2 to open the home screen. The “Home” button has a picture of a house on it.

Touch “Menu” on the screen and select “Home Wallpaper.” Select “Weather Wallpaper;” “Album” and then “All;” or “Animated Wallpaper.” Each of these options has various themes you can use on your HTC HD2.

Scroll through the various theme options. “Weather Wallpaper” has a variety of weather images, “Album” contains pictures you have stored on the device, and “Animated Wallpaper” contains moving themes. Touch the new theme you want to use on your HD2.