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How to Recognize a Spy Device


Spy devices used to be confined to listening devices but now primarily consist of hidden cameras. A hidden camera spy device is used to invade a person’s privacy in their home or place of business. Recognizing a spy device isn’t easy because they are well-hidden. It requires the use of a specialized camera detector device that uses a laser beam to discover the lens of the hidden camera spy device. Using such a camera detector device is the best way to find and recognize a spy device that is looking at you.
Things You’ll Need : Camera detector device, “AA” batteries


  • Turn off any cell phones, pagers or other portable electronic devices on your person that could interfere with finding the spy device.
  • Insert fresh batteries into the camera detector device. Turn the camera detector device on and hold it up to your eye.
  • Focus the lens on the front of the camera detector device until the view of the room or location you are looking at is sharp.