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How to Download an Android Platform on HTC HD2


The HTC HD2 is a smartphone manufactured by HTC Corporation and released in 2009. A smartphone is a cellular phone capable of performing computationally intensive tasks such as email, games, office applications and web surfing. The HTC HD2 smartphone is usually supplied running Windows Mobile 6.0 as its operating system. However, the HTC HD2 is also capable of running Android, the open source operating system supported by Google and the Open Handset Alliance. An Android platform includes the Android operating system and other software to enable Android to work. The Android platform version you will download is called Gingerbread.

Things You’ll Need : PC running Windows XP/Vista/7, Internet access, HTC HD2 smartphone cable, HTC HD2 smartphone

Open your browser and navigate to multiupload.com/S2TWGWZ9SY. Click on the top download option listed on the Multi Upload page. The button should be labelled “Direct Download.” A compressed .7z file will be downloaded. This file will be called MDJ_Gingerbread_HD_v1.0_RC4_RAM_MODDED.7z. Make a note of the download location on your computer.

Navigate in your browser to 7-zip.org/. When the 7zip website has loaded, click on the top download link in the table. The .exe 7zip software file will be downloaded. Click on the file once complete. Choose an appropriate file location to install the 7zip software in the “Select File Location” dialog box, or leave it at its default location. Click the “Install” button on the “Select File Location” window. When 7zip has been installed, click on the 7zip icon on your Start Menu. 7zip will start.

Type the file location of the MDJ_Gingerbread_HD_v1.0_RC4_RAM_MODDED.7z file you downloaded into the address bar in 7zip. Click on the file then click the “Extract” button in the top lefthand corner of the 7zip window. Choose an appropriate file location to extract this file to in the Copy dialog box, or leave it at its default location. Make note of this file location.

Insert the appropriate end of your HTC HD2 smartphone cable into your PC and insert the other end into your HTC HD2 smartphone. Click on “Start,” then “Computer” or “My Computer” and then click on the HTC HD2 SD card icon. Copy the extracted MDJ_Gingerbread_HD_v1.0_RC4_RAM_MODDED file onto your smartphone SD card. Tap on the Start icon on your HTC HD2. Tap on the File Explorer icon on the drop down list. Navigate to your SD card root. Tap the CLRXAD.exe file. The CLRXAD.exe application will run. Tap the Haret.exe file. The Haret.exe will run. The HTC HD2 will reboot. This may take several minutes. Android Gingerbread will now be downloaded and installed on your HTC HD2 smartphone.

Tips & Warnings

  1. When you first download the Android Gingerbread to your PC it is in a compressed .7z format. In order to extract the operating system you need to download 7zip software. 7zip is a powerful and fast file compression and extraction tool. The steps needed to install the 7zip software on your computer will vary depending on your user account privileges and the version of Windows you are using.
  2. The steps required to complete the instruction “Navigate to your SD card root” will vary depending on your own file system arrangement. The SD card root will be the highest level of your SD card. Paste the MDJ_Gingerbread_HD_v1.0_RC4_RAM_MODDED file here.