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How to Block on the HTC EVO


The HTC EVO allows you to block your caller ID on outgoing calls. You can also block incoming calls from people with whom you’d rather not talk for whatever reason. When you block your caller ID and make a call, the person receiving the call will see “Restricted” or “Unknown” rather than your phone number. On incoming calls, when your EVO detects a blocked number, the phone will not ring and the caller will be shuttled directly to voice mail.

Block Incoming Calls

Open the application tray on your HTC EVO and tap “People” to view your contacts list. Touch the contact you want to block.

Tap “Add Contact” if the number that you want to block is not in your contact list. Add the individual’s name and phone number. You can leave the other fields blank. Scroll down to the Information section and tap “Send to voicemail.” Touch “Save” to save the changes.

Block Caller ID

Tap “Phone” to open the dial pad screen on the EVO. Dial “*67” followed by the number you want to call. Touch “Call” to save this setting.

Tips & Warnings

  1. You can permanently block your caller ID by calling Sprint customer service. Dial “*2” from your EVO or 888-211-4727 from another phone.