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How to Adjust the Sensitivity on an HTC EVO


Adjusting your HTC EVO smartphone’s sensitivity can make using your phone a lot easier. If the phone and its on-screen keypad is not properly calibrated, it becomes more difficult for a user to access apps or enter text using the keypad. When you initially use the phone, you are guided through calibrating the phone. If you find that your phone is overly sensitive or it is more difficult to navigate by touch, adjusting your settings may resolve the issue.

Press “Home” on the HTC EVO, then tap “Menu.

Tap “Settings,” then tap “Sound and Display.” Tap “G-Sensor Calibration” and lay the phone down on a flat surface. Tap “Calibrate” and wait for the process to complete. Tap “OK” when prompted.

Tap “Language and Keyboard” in the “Settings” menu, then tap “Touch Input.” Tap “Text Input,” then tap “Calibration Tool.” Type the text displayed on the screen, then tap “OK.”