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How to Sync Outlook With an HTC


When you use a smartphone from a manufacturer such as HTC, you can create and manage contacts and events directly from your phone. However, you will want to sync this data with your computer to make sure that you have up-to-date information on all your devices. HTC allows you to efficiently sync with your program of choice, such as Microsoft’s Outlook, with their syncing software and the USB cable that came with your HTC phone.

Download and install HTC Sync from the official HTC website on your computer. Connect your HTC phone to your computer with the included USB cable and choose “HTC Sync” from the prompt that appears on your HTC phone.

Open HTC Sync on your computer if it does not automatically open after connecting your phone. Click the “Contacts” or “Calendar” tab to sync with Microsoft Outlook.

Click to toggle syncing to “On” for your data and choose Microsoft Outlook from the programs list. Select any other options from the right pane. For example, you can choose to sync calendar data for a specific time period, such as two weeks. Click the “Sync Now” button from the top of the HTC Sync screen.

Tips & Warnings

  1. You may also install HTC Sync with the executable file on your phone’s memory card, after connecting your HTC phone to your computer as a disk drive.
  2. If you have not synchronized your HTC phone before, the wizard may appear. If it does, press “Next,” choose the data that you wish to sync, such as your contacts, and choose the program to sync with from the drop down menu.