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How to Reset the Password on an HTC Droid


The HTC Droid Eris mobile phone offers locking features that force you to supply a password to access the system. This security function keeps your phone’s data safe and if this password is forgotten, you must reset the phone to access it. The HTC Droid’s factory reset utility quickly reverts the phone to its original factory state.

Hold down the power button and select “Power Off.” You can access this screen even when you are locked out of your device.

Tap “OK” when the phone tells you it will power down immediately. Press and hold the “Send” and “Volume Down” keys on the phone, then press the “Power” button.

Select “CLEARSTORAGE” on the screen using the trackball, then press the trackball down. Wait as the phone is completely reset to its original data configuration and is automatically rebooted. Select your language when prompted. Press “1” to begin reactivating the phone with Verizon over the air. You must have a wireless signal available.

Tips & Warnings

  1. All information on the phone will be reset with this procedure.