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Speech to Text Software for HTC


HTC Corp. is a developer and manufacturer of cellular phones, smart phones and personal digital assistants. Users of HTC smart phones that use the Google Android operating system have a few options if they would like to utilize speech-to-text.

The HTC Keyboard

Many HTC smart phones come with the HTC keyboard pre-installed. This keyboard has speech-to-text functionality built in. If you’re not sure whether you have the HTC keyboard, check your keyboard for a button in the bottom row that has an icon that looks like an old-fashioned microphone; this is the HTC keyboard’s speech-to-text button.

Ultra Keyboard

Ultra Keyboard is another keyboard app for Android phones that has speech-to-text functionality. The keyboard, developed by Binary Bulge, can send speech-to-text messages via the microphone icon on the top row of the keyboard. As of January 2011, the app is available to download for $2.79.


ShoutOUT by Promptu is an application, or “app,” that is compatible with Android phones such as the HTC Android smart phones. The app utilizes speech-to-text not only for text messaging, but also for Web applications such as posting Facebook or Twitter updates. ShoutOUT is free to download as of January 2011.