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How to Access Voicemail on an HTC S640


Accessing voicemail on an HTC S640 smart phone lets you check messages left when you are unable to answer your phone. Voicemail answers calls when you press the ignore button, do not answer a call or are outside of your cellular carrier’s coverage area. The access number for your carrier’s voicemail service is programmed to your device during the provisioning process that occurs when you purchase a new HTC S640. This allows you to access voicemail on your S640 by pressing and holding one button.

Things You’ll Need : HTC S640 smartphone

Press the red “End” key until the HTC S640 returns to the Windows Mobile home screen.

Press and hold the “1” key to access your voicemail. Hold the key until the phone dials your voicemail access number. Press the red “End” key to hang up the call after you check your voicemails.