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How to Connect My HTC Touch Pro to My PC


The HTC Touch Pro smart phone provides users with a powerful, yet compact, cellphone and mobile web browser complete with slide-out keyboard and touch screen. As you use your HTC Touch Pro, you will likely want to connect it to your PC to sync or transfer data. Connect an HTC Touch Pro to a PC with a USB cable or wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection (provided your PC is Bluetooth-ready).

Things You’ll Need : USB cable

Via USB Cable

Insert one end of the USB cable into the appropriate receptacle on the end of the HTC Touch Pro phone. Insert the other end of the USB cable into a USB port on your PC. Turn on the HTC Touch Pro.

Wait while your PC and phone recognize the connection. Your phone will prompt you to choose to ActiveSync your devices, to use your HTC Touch Pro as an external storage drive or to use the device for Internet Sharing (as a modem). Select the connection you desire on your HTC Touch Pro phone.

Via Bluetooth Connection

Turn on the Bluetooth capabilities on both your PC and your HTC Touch Pro. Touch “Start,” “Settings,” “All Settings” and “Bluetooth” on the HTC Touch Pro. Select “Yes” to turn Bluetooth on. Open your Bluetooth settings on your PC (click the Bluetooth icon in your System Tray), and place check marks in each box to make your PC discoverable.

Touch “Start,” “Settings,” “Communications” and “Bluetooth.” Select “Add a Device” and wait while your phone searches for your PC. Select your PC when it appears on the HTC Touch Pro. If your HTC prompts you for a passcode, enter “0000” and then “OK.”

Select “Done” to finish setting up the connection between your PC and HTC Touch Pro. Touch “Start,” “Settings,” “Communications,” “Bluetooth” and select your PC from the list of devices you see on the HTC screen. Choose whether you wish to ActiveSync your devices or perform a data transfer and your devices will connect automatically via Bluetooth.

Tips & Warnings

  1. Before you can ActiveSync your HTC Touch Pro and your PC, you must install the software (via CD) that accompanied your phone onto your PC.