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How to Transfer Music Files to an HTC Hero


Unlike some smartphones, the HTC Hero doesn’t make it completely simple and clear to transfer music. Whereas devices like the iPhone have a preset link to PC software, the HTC Hero requires a bit of tweaking to accept music files. The process involves setting the Hero’s data storage card to act as a USB drive.

Things You’ll Need : USB cable

Connect the HTC Hero phone to a computer via the USB cable. When prompted on the Hero screen, allow the Hero to be mounted as a drive. This essentially sets the HTC Hero to act as an external data storage device, just like a USB thumb drive or external hard drive.

Use the computer’s file explorer to locate the mounted SD Card folder by starting in My Computer or Computer (or by looking on the desktop, depending on your settings). On a Mac, just look on the desktop for the white drive icon. Open the folder called DCIM. Within that folder, open the subfolder called 100Media.

Transfer music by dragging and dropping MP3 files into the 100Media folder. Dismount or “eject” the SD Card drive either by dragging it to the trash or by right-clicking it and selecting Eject or Safely Remove. Unplug the USB cable from both devices and you are ready to listen to music on the HTC Hero.