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Can't Get Jabra Into Pairing Mode


Jabra makes several different models of headsets, all of which allow you to talk on your mobile phone hands free. Pairing your headset can be done in a few steps. Remember that in order to use a Bluetooth headset such as the Jabra headset, your mobile phone must have Bluetooth capabilities. Before attempting to pair your Jabra headset with your mobile phone, you need to charge the headset for at least two hours.

Turn your Jabra headset on. Your device will start flashing a blue light to indicate that it is searching for a device to be paired with. If you are pairing your headset to a different device than the one you originally paired it with, hold the “Answer/End” button until the headset turns off, and then press the “Answer/End” button again to turn it back on. Repeat this process until the blue light begins to flash.

Activate the Bluetooth feature on your phone. Many times this feature can be found in the Main Menu of your phone listed under “Connections,” “Tools” or “Bluetooth.”

Discover your Jabra headset on your mobile phone by opening the Bluetooth menu and selecting the “Discover” or “Add” option. Select the “Jabra” device from the device menu that will appear. Enter the passkey “0000” as prompted. Press the “OK” or “Yes” button to confirm the pairing.

Tips & Warnings

  1. All mobile phones vary slightly. If you do not know how to access your phone’s Bluetooth menu, you should consult your phone’s user manual.