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How to Keep Your Earbuds From Breaking


Earbuds are the portable, practical way to listen to music on the go. In-ear headphones’ compact size fits comfortably in the ear canal, delivering uncompromising sound quality in a tiny, flexible but fragile device. If you’re tired of having to replace your earbuds almost as often as you gas up your car, keep them from tangling to make them last.

Use a Hard Case

Don’t wrap your earbud cords around your mp3 player, your iPhone or anything else for that matter. Don’t let your cords get tangled into a ball or shoved in a wad into your pants pocket or bag, either.

When you’re not using them, store your earbuds in a hard case, preferably one that is designed for them with a way to keep the cord safe and out of harm’s way. Keep both your earbuds and your ears clean to prevent wax and debris from clogging them up.