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How to Adjust Download Settings on an Android


The Downloads app included with all versions of Android contains a few basic settings, but your phone model and wireless carrier determine many of your download options. For example, your carrier may limit the size of your downloads when you’re connected to its data network, so you must join a Wi-Fi network to download large files. While you can’t remove this limitation by adjusting your phone’s settings, you can get better control over your downloads by installing a different download manager. The Play Store offers many apps that enable you to pause and resume downloads, choose a download location and speed up download times.

Finer Control With Advanced Download Manager

  • Install Advanced Download Manager from the Play Store (link in Resources). ADM is a full-featured downloader that supports the Android browser, Dolphin, Chrome, Firefox and other mobile Web browsers. After installing ADM, you can use it to manage downloads from your browser by selecting “ADM” from the Complete Action Using menu displayed when you tap a download link.