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Renault MEGANE Fuel tank gauge assembly

Download Fuel tank gauge assembly ContentsPage Fuel tank gauge assembly Contents Page 19C RESERVOIR Sender unit: Removal – Re?tting Pump-sender unit-?lter: Removal – Re?tting 19C-1 19C-18 Procedure for removal of fuel tank gauge assembly. X84, and J84, and F9Q or K9K or M9R Special tooling required Mot. 1397 Universal spanner for removing fuel gauge nut Tightening torquesm battery cover mounting bolts 4 Nm IMPORTANT During this operation: – refrain from smoking or bringing red hot objects close to the working area, – beware of fuel splashes when disconnecting the unions, – protect sensitive areas from fuel out?ow. Remove the seat mountings (3). Move the carpet to one side. REMOVAL Disconnect the battery, starting with the negative terminal. Remove the rear seats (see MR 371 Bodywork, 76A, Rear seat runners and frames, Second row complete rear seat). 4 2 Remove the soundproofing pads (4). 1 104617 Remove: – the clips (1), 104620 Remove the panel (5). 104204 Remove: – the receiver unit (7) mounting bolts, – the receiver unit assembly. 6 8 104203 Disconnect the receiver (6) (if fitted to the vehicle). 104545 Remove the inspection flap blanking cover (8). 105006 Disconnect: – the electrical connector (9), – the quick-release unions (10).