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Renault Megane II Door exterior handle Removal – Refitting

Download 114171 a Remove the storage tray from its housing. WARNING Do not pull on the storage tray cover. a Remove bolts (1) . 101450 a Unclip the pull handle cover. a Disconnect the door mirror switch connector. a Remove: – the cover, – door opening handle bolt (2) . Note: Do not remove the lower opening control cable. 101454 a Unclip the trim flap using the unclipping pliers (protecting the trim). a Open the flap. a Hold the flap open (using masking tape). a Remove the lock barrel (see 51A, Side opening element mechanisms, Front side door lock bar- rel ). a Remove the handle in the direction of (4) and (5) . a Remove the handle with care, to avoid damaging the connector. WARNING For models equipped with the hands-free feature, be careful not to damage the connector during removal. 101986 a Disconnect the opening button male connector. a Unclip the handle module female connector. 101838 a Check that seal (9) is in place before refitting the handle. 10 11 101840 a Refit: – the handle, – the lock barrel (10) . a Lock the catch (11) . a Carry out a manual function test on the lock barrel. a Proceed in the reverse order to removal. REMOVAL a Remove: – the door frame flap (see 72A, Side opening element trims, Front door trim ). – the exterior handle (see 51A, Side opening element mechanisms, Exterior door handle ). 1 101838 a Disconnect the various connectors (depending on the level of equipment). a Remove bolts (4)