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How to Reset a Jabra Headset


Use the onboard contorls on your Jabra Bluetooth headset to reset the device and use the Bluetooth settings section of your mobile device or computer to reset its pairing connection with your Jabra headset.

Reset Headsets

Because Jabra headsets differ in terms of physical buttons and other onboard controls, how you go about resetting your Jabra headset varies depending on the Jabra model you’re using. If you have a Jabra Extreme, for example, hold down the Multifunction and Volume buttons for five seconds to reset the headset.

On the Jabra BT3030 or Street2, turn the headset off and hold down the Answer/End button until the LED light turns from flashing blue to solid blue and then to purple. On the Jabra Clipper, press the Volume Down button and then the Volume Up button and repeat this sequence two more times quickly to reset the headset. For information on resetting other Jabra models, look up your model on the Jabra Support website.